After having tested everything, ATAKA is selling speedriding, speed flying and paragliding gear.

For Speedriding:

The school has a preference for the brands LEVELWING, NEO, SWING and OZONE.

For Speed flying:

The school recommends the FLAME for LEVEL WING (our favorite), the BIP BIP for ITV, and the BOBCAT from GIN. These canopies will offer safety, energy and precision. Ideal to fly in summer time.

For Paragliding:

The school favors GIN; SKY WALK and OZONE.

For the reserve parachute, the school recommends big and round GIN parachutes.

For any advice or recommendations, do not hesitate to contact us.

TEL +33 6 62 10 54 07.

Our professional team is at your service.

The ATAKA school is specialized in small sized canopies. And since we were the pioneers, we are still the leaders regarding experience.

The purchase of a canopy and a harness is a very important step-  We offer help to make a good purchase with assistance from experienced flyers.

Our goal is to help you to make the best choice for a good price. We put our knowledge and experience at your service. The school offers it’s best prices to returning students.