speedriding equipement



Freeride skis are highly recommended .

pastedGraphic.pngOur canopies are new generation speedriding canopies, specifically made for our sport. 

The school has, in 2020, a rack of 100 canopies, which allows a wide range of canopy size choice that are also adapted to your own style. Our goal is to adapt to each specific student and to personalize the teaching.

pastedGraphic.pngThe preparation is done with a harness, specifically made for speedriding, eqipped with the RECCO technology.

pastedGraphic.pngThe rest of the equipment includes a helmet, radio, headphones, back protection type airbag or rigid harness adapted to speedriders.

For information: Your skis should be free ride – Backcountry.  As tall as you is recommended (avoid short skis).