Ataka is the world’s first speedriding school in Valfrejus.

Including paragliding, skiing, freeriding and kite surfing. Try out this new gliding sport: freeriding in 3D



Speedriding is the new «generation» of free riding.

New style, new limits. Even at the age of 70, cross grabbing at 30 meters high becomes possible and easy.

Accessible to any skier, speedriding is an opportunity to access a new dimension!

Try it, it’s fun, it’s spectacular!

Speedriding Courses

Ataka offers beginner and advanced courses on the week-ends or during the week. Come and see.

Speedriding courses

Speedriding Lessons

Ataka offers private and collective speedriding lessons made for all levels, from beginner to expert.

Speedriding lessons


Come and send tricks, crosses and grabs. The new school riding, free from bruises.